The Propane GasGenie® was invented and developed by Product Innovation Ltd in response to a need from the market. Until its invention there was no practical way to determine when a gas cylinder (Propane or Butane) was nearing empty. Considerable research was carried out in order to find a technical approach to solving this age old problem.

Once temperature of the cylinder wall was identified as a possible route the task then was to develop the technology in such a way as to make it simple, attractive and affordable. Product Innovation Ltd researched the temperature approach and identified a ‘time/temperature signature’, designed the electronics, developed and wrote the software, designed the housing, filed patent applications and design registrations, and also sourced the tooling and manufacture of the product in China.

The result is the Propane GasGenie®.The Propane GasGenie® is protected by patents and registered designs.

When using with Propane we recommend the Propane GasGenie®. For Europe and other countries where Butane is commonly used we recommend the GasGenie®.

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