This is a traditional float and reed switch type level sensor with a twist:

Instead of reed switches, which can prove unreliable we use Hall Effect sensors.Using both software and hardware the innovative controller in the top of the unit avoids the inherent problems of Hall Effect devices in this kind of application. The device is low power and can even operate from a battery.

The development came about after a customer expressed a need for a sensor that would work at high temperatures and very low power. It was also required to have good resolution.

So we set about developing a sensor to meet the needs of the customer.  We realised that what we had invented would have many more general applications. So as well as a customised version for the original requirement we have now launched a general purpose version for a wide range of applications.

The advantages of the new Hall Effect Level Sensor are:

Wide temperature range:  -40 - +85C
High resolution: 3.5mm
Narrow diameter  float: 30mm
High pressure  60 bar
Multi output   0 -5V or 4 – 20mA
Variable length: up to 2 metres
Robust:  Fully solid state, no reed switches

Product Innovation can make prototypes for specific applications on request. For more information contact the Chairman, Peter Frank at peter email

pdf download Hall Effect Sensor Datasheet

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Hall Effect Level Sensor


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