Product Innovation Ltd has worked in many ways in the past with client companies. In all cases the chosen method is designed to optimise the cooperation between the client and Product Innovation Ltd. This can mean that Product Innovation Ltd offers a complete invention, design, and commissioning service, right the way through to simply supplying help and advice where the client most requires it. See below for some of the ways we can help you.

We can:

  • Start from a ‘back of envelope’ thought, and proceed through feasibility study through all the stages to full, certified production.
  • We can work with your R & D team on a part time, continuing basis to enhance its experience and help speed results.
  • Take an existing product that needs renewing and supply suggestions or ideas for how to regain the competitive edge. Then follow this through all the way to production.
  • Devise a totally new product concept for you, and then develop it to production.
  • Supply any part or parts of a new product development process that your company most needs, and work with your own in-house expertise to provide the final product.
  • Work with you to cost reduce/enhance an existing product.