Product Innovation Ltd is an established New Product Development consultancy specialising in inventing and developing new products for manufacturing companies. The company has been in business for more than 25 years and in that time has been involved in a wide range of new products many of which have worldwide patents.

In recent years the consultancy has focused on portable electronic instruments for industrial use. Typically these involve instruments with a high specification, both from the operational and from the environmental points of view. Products that need to work well under difficult conditions, and/or that must meet stringent environmental 3rd Party standards are a regular part of our work. Intrinsic Safety, NFPA, Lloyds Register, and CE certifications are amongst some of the 3rd party specifications that have been successfully incorporated into products designed by the company.

Product Innovation Ltd has the skills to take a project from the stage where it is only a ‘wish or idea’ for you, all the way to production. This means everything can be provided: Starting from a feasibility study, through conceptual design, schematic design, software development, testing, 3D design of outer and inner parts, prototyping, certification, tooling, pre-production and final production.

All the major product development skills are in-house. Where specialised expertise is needed Product Innovation Ltd has well-established links with other companies, which have these skills. We also recognise that client companies have their own special skills and we work with your in-house experts in a similar manner. By doing this we make it easier for the final product to be absorbed into your company structure.

By continuously monitoring the entire process from start to finish, with regular client input, it is possible to keep time scales and costs to a minimum. For example, a recent project involved the redesign of an ageing electronic instrument. The project was finished on time and at under half of the target unit cost. The product has been a great success in the market, the only place that really counts, with sales approximately double that originally expected. In the latest year for which figures are available this has meant an increased profit of over £300,000

The advantages of a integrated approach are that all the elements of the design can be made to work together to produce a cleaner, more elegant product, that is simple to manufacture, and simple to use. In this way the ‘compartmentalised’ approach, which can lead to overcomplicated expensive solutions, is avoided. This method of new product development also allows you to get on with other key activities, without diverting large-scale human resources to the project.

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