Over the more than 25 years of operation Product Innovation Ltd has developed many skills associated with efficient and creative Product Development. Some of these are listed below:

Teamworking and communication

  • To put together a team that is best suited to the project in hand. Both within and external to the manufacturing company. And also within Product Innovation and external, if required.
  • To lead a team so that all members are involved and committed to the ultimate goal: A world-beating product in its field.
  • To make the development process exciting and rewarding for all involved
  • To communicate well at all levels, from the shop floor to the directors’ board room.
  • To devise and implement electronic schematics in CAD.
  • To design printed circuit boards for both test and production using CAD.
  • Where necessary to write software for the project.
  • To simplify complex concepts to their basic elements.
  • To find solutions to complex problems in the simplest possible manner.
  • To select suitable materials.
  • To build into the design ease of use and ease of manufacture.
  • To produce 3D CAD models and 2D drawings of the new product. SolidWorks is used for this purpose.

Product development

  • To devise New Product Concepts.
  • To design a new product as a total concept. So that all parts help all other parts.
  • To follow up with additional improvements/ add on products, as they become feasible.
  • To source components and sub-assemblies as cost effectively as possible. (Including from the Far East)
  • To commission and build rapid prototypes.
  • To build and test components, sub-assemblies as well as the whole concept.
  • To refine the design in the light of prototype tests.
Project Management
  • To co-ordinate progress of the project in an efficient and time saving way.
  • To follow through from concept right until final production has commenced.
  • To help solve any manufacturing problems as they occur.
  • To liaise with Certifying Bodies in order to ensure that the product meets any required external specification.
  • To liaise with the relevant manufacturing disciplines as the product concept is being developed. This ensures no ugly surprises at a later date.
  • To help with patents for any novel features in a new concept.
  • To meet agreed time, expenditure, cost, and product launch deadlines.
  • To maintain a Bill of Materials at all times so that product costs can be continually monitored.
After Product Launch
  • To maintain contact with the client to offer new ideas and improvements,
  • To support and maintain software.
  • To help solve any production problems as they occur, such as non-availability of components etc.
  • To help upgrade the product specification and maintain competitivity.
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