In the early years of Product Innovation it was decided to develop our own range of products as well as invent and develop for clients. Our first own product was the Alarm Box - a strong security box for placing valuables and important papers in. The Alarm Box incorporated an internal movement-sensitive alarm, which had to be invented, as there was no suitable existing motion sensor on the market at that time. 
Once this was achieved it was immediately recognised that the new technology would have significant other applications. Patents were applied for and eventually granted in the major world economies. The inertial sensor was then incorporated into the range of Fire Safety products - see Firefly. As time and technology moved on, the inertial sensor needed to be improved in order to be able to fit into future products where space and durability were at a premium.
Product Innovation recently developed a new method of detecting motion. This new inertial sensor is approximately 15% of the size of the previous version, works better and more flexibly, and is considerably less expensive to manufacture. It also contains no parts that will wear over time.

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